History of Family Life Fellowship

     Family Life Fellowship is the union of RiverHills Church and First Baptist  Lake Hamilton. After some circumstances that only God could provide, He  led us to form this new church on November 1, 2015. RiverHills Church  was a church planted in February 2008 by Pastor Don Maiden and his wife  Linda.  We were sponsored by Heartland Community Church, the Florida  Baptist Convention, and the Ridge Baptist Association.  We launched  RiverHills in an elementary school cafeteria, and then in 2010, we  rented and remolded space in a warehouse building that we shared with  another business.   In April 2015 toward the end of our lease, we were  told by the landlord that he was renting to another bidder and that  RiverHills would need to move by the end of the month.  Like many of  God’s providence's are, this was a blessing in disguise.

     One  telephone call was all it took to let RiverHills know that the foresight  of God was at work.  First Baptist Church of Lake Hamilton invited us  into their buildings based upon a rental agreement. We started flip-flop  services the first Sunday of May 2015.  Things worked out so well that  toward the end of July 2015, FBC Lake Hamilton asked RiverHills to  consider joining with them to launch a new church. Our church prayed and  considered it, and decided to enter discussions with them.  Five  leaders from FBC and five from RiverHills formed a Feasibility Study  group.  We answered 27 questions that formed a report, which was  distributed to the two churches August 16. The report was unanimously  adopted by the churches August 19, 2015.  

     Forty-seven names were  offered by the congregations to name the new church. Through a process  of elimination, 14 people chosen for the task, three names made the  final cut.  Each of the three names were discussed, and by consensus of  agreement Family Life Fellowship was chosen as our new church name.

     Our  joyous mission as Family Life Fellowship is to revitalize and join two  churches together to launch a new and exciting vision. We want to bring  renewal to families of every sort, and spiritual revival to the church  and the region the new church serves.  Presently, as we prepare to  launch Family Life Fellowship, our core-group numbers about 70.  We  enter the launch stage excited and trembling with desire to bring glory  to God and new spiritual energy to the “New Thing” God is doing.

     We are excited to invite you to join us in this new and exciting journey into the future we call Family Life Fellowship.