Could This Be Your New Beginning This Easter?

Come & Celebrate with us this Easter

Easter is coming up very soon and our  church sees Easter as a time of New Beginnings. A time to start over and  this Easter isn’t going to be any different. So we are inviting you to  come join us for a day of making excellent Easter memories and talking  about what Easter is really all about.

Our church is located at  825 State Highway 17, just south of Kokomo Road next to Smith’s Grocery.  You can see the information on this page. Worship will begin at  10:30am, but if you like coffee and goodies, come about 9:00 o’clock.  Bible Study for all ages is at 9:30am.

Now I get two questions:  One, Is there child care? The answer is yes! And Two, What do I wear?  Well, we will have folks there dressed in all sorts of ways, so just  come in whatever you are comfortable with and I’m sure you will fit in.  Just be there Easter Sunday morning at 10:30 on April 21st. We really  want to have you as our guest. And if there is someone you would like to  bring with you, by all means do so.


Jill tells her story....

Ricardo shares his experience....